Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Cakes by Melissa

I have been meaning to check this place out for a long time now, but it seemed whenever I tried it was closed. Today was my lucky day...it was open! This is a very small bakery specializing in custom order cakes though they do offer cookies, cupcakes, and other treats in their shop if a cake is not on your shopping list. The shop itself seemed pretty bare. The walls were filled with photos of what I assume are cakes they have made and I could peek into a room behind the counter that appeared to be used for tastings. The cases were not filled to capacity with goodies like I like to see, and a few plates were completely empty. This is one photo of the shop:
I nabbed this off the web and it shows more in the case than when I was there...

I opted to try some of the cupcakes. They were all the "jumbo" size and priced well at $3 each or 6 for $15. I tried the Andes Mint and the Caramel Apple.
Both were delicious!

The Andes Mint was a moist chocolate cake with what looked to be a chocolate mousse on top then glazed with a rich mint chocolate and garnished with bits of andes mint candies. It had just the right amount of mint, not too strong. The jumbo size was a bit too rich for me, so I saved half for my husband.

The Caramel Apple had an amazing smooth caramel frosting but sadly the cake was a bit dry. I would have loved to have had more apples as well.  It just had the one pushed into the top of the cupcake and the few slices granishing the top. But overall, still great!
I will definitely go back to try some more flavors. I think I saw a Boston Cream Pie cupcake that is calling my name....

Go visit their website at http://www.sweetcakeweb.com/ to see all their flavors and photos

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  1. Cute blog! And thanks to you, I'm now craving a cupcake :-)Yum!