Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cupcake Liner Flowers

Ever have extra cupcake papers after baking a batch of delicious cupcakes and wonder what to do with them? Make flowers! I found this idea online and had to give it a try. Here is a tutorial for you all to try

Here are the supplies you will need; cupcake liners-about six or eight per flower, pipe cleaners-any color will do, florist tape, a straight pin or large safety pin. 

First take six or eight liners and stack them

Flatten them all with you hand

Using a straight pin or safety pin, poke two sets of holes through the stack 

Begin threading a pipe cleaner through one set of holes. I did one liner at a time, but you could try more if you are brave

Once you have them all threaded, fold the end of the pipe cleaner and thread back down the other set of holes 

Pull tight and twist underneath to keep tight 

Wrap the pipe cleaner with florist tape. For a single stem, I suggest wrapping the entire thing. If you are going to put together a bouquet, you only need to wrap about halfway down and then once you have all of your stems together, you can wrap the remainder 

Beginning with the very top liner, start pinching the papers together at the base. Do this with every liner 

And there you go! Easy right?

Have fun!

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