Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lavender Shortbread

Happy Lent everyone! I have vowed to give up sweets among other things so it may prove difficult to keep up on the blog...but fear not! I made these last night, so they don't count towards today :)

One of my favorite things that we make at work is our Lavender Shortbread Frenchie. Our frenchies are essentially cookie sandwiches filled with delicious flavors of italian meringue buttercream. We fill the lavender with a lemon buttercream and it is one of the best things ever! I didn't have any buttercream on hand at home so decided just to make the shortbread. I made the dough a day ahead then pulled it from the fridge and let it come to room temperature before rolling and cutting. Here they rest on a beautiful bed of lavender buds.

The flavor of lavender is difficult to put in words. It basically tastes as it smells, a light floral flavor. Some make the mistake of adding too much lavender to their recipe which can make it taste like good. These have just the righ amount. Normally, I would post a recipe for you all to try at home, but since this is from work, I probably shouldn't without permission.  You could, however, take your favorite shortbread recipe and add about 1/3 cup of lavender, see how it tastes and go from there. Depending on the size of the recipe, you could be adding more or less. Here are some other fun shapes I cut them into.
I'm working on ways to photograph my goodies so I apologize that these little guys blend into the background somewhat...
Now go smell some lavender and imagine it in cookie form!

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