Thursday, March 10, 2011

All Things Cupcake

Seeing that I can't indulge in trying any new tasty treats, I will have to focus on non-edible treat themed goodies...

As many of you may know, once people find out you like something, they buy you everything that exists with that thing. For me it's great, because I love cupcakes, and who could ever get tired of cupcakes?!?

I found this little tray at the Salvation Army right down the road and paid a whole 99 cents. It's made of plastic and only about 5"x7" and was pretty dirty and dusty when I got it. But with a little soap and water, it's good as new!

These were given to me by my Mom and are so cute that I haven't decided if I even want to open them! Though the air freshener would look great in my car...

I had been eyeing this server for a while. It's from Borders and is priced at $15, but I just so happened to have a 40% coupon, so it was only $9!

Here's a better look at the handle

Too cute! 

I have so many other cupcake themed items, but most are currently boxed away as we are currently getting ready to move. So they will have to wait for another day!

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