Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Harry Potter Mania!

I'm a nerd. I love Harry Potter. While watching the last movie, I had chills the entire time and was on the verge of was THAT good. I did a great birthday cake the week before the release and then on the day of the release, we did some HP themed treats at Pastrygirl.

Here is the cake I made, with a Draco Malfoy theme :)

 It's a 1/4 sheet chocolate cake with peppermint mousse. The top is covered in fondant but the sides are just buttercream, shaped to look like the pages

I made the Slytherin badge out of fondant, also a "Potter Stinks" and "Prefect" badge

Delicious Pumpkin Juice :)

Butterbeer cupcakes- a cream soda cake with a butterscotch ganache filling, butterscotch buttercream, and a deathly hallows topper

Chocolate Frogs! Eat them quick or they may hop away!

Lightning bolt shaped shortbread

We decorated our White on White with a special Hedwig topper

And a delightful English Trifle ala Aunt Petunia

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