Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Circus Time!

So I saw the movie Water for Elephants today and it was simply amazing. It is one of my favorite books and the movie was done so well in staying true to the book. There is something I absolutely love about vintage circus. In the times when they rode the rails, city to city, and the entire town would come out to watch them set up the big top. It inspired me to look at what people have done with cakes and the circus :)

A simple, yet adorable cupcake idea,

Seals don't automatically come to mind for me when I think circus, but this was too cute to not include,

a more monochromatic big top

Tim Burton inspired?


Did I mention elephants are my favorite animal???

lovely banner,

These are so dang cute!!!

I need this kit!

A collage of circus party elements, I'm now must make that apron,

another circus themed party

This is actually scrapbook paper that I have for inspiration,

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  1. Wonderful Circus fun...so happy to visit here for my first time and I have become your most recent follower...we are neighbors...kind of...I live in Sherwood, OR! ♥