Friday, February 3, 2012

Catching Up!

Oh man, have I ever fallen behind on blogging! Yikes, am I horrible. Let's dedicate this posting to playing a little catch-up on the cakes I've done.

Now these are in no way in the correct order, but here goes...

Fun crayon shaped cakes for a crayon themed birthday party

Fun, last minute Star Wars characters on a 6" cake

I love the old-school Mario games so I was super excited to do this cake! It's two 1/4 sheet cakes put together for two brothers celebrating just weeks apart.

Fun cupcakes to go along...

This was a TINY smash cake to go with a much larger Pooh themed cake. Smash cakes are all the rage for a first birthday party. The smash cake is only for the one year old, and typically they just smash right into it!

This took me forever to cut out! But so worth it- a lovely small cake to sit atop a tower of cupcakes for a wedding.

This was my own birthday cake! An espresso cake, with caramel buttercream filling and an espresso buttercream frosting. Yumm!!

This was a fun Wonder Woman cake, what you can barely see in the picture is her tiara goes around the base of the cake.

This 1/4 sheet cake was super tall for a Super Why! themed cake

I like playing with layers of fondant to give some dimension 

Who doesn't love Hello Kitty! This was to replicate the party invitations for a Hello Kitty themed party.

Another smash cake! This one year old's party had fun circus animals. The smash cake is only 4" wide!

For a butterfly lover. Hand-painted on fondant.

Looks simple, but took a lot of time. Had to cut and trim each piece, then measure and place!

Fun life-preserver cake with anchors adorning the side

Sophie the Giraffe!

Pretty browns and golds on espresso buttercream

I'm still developing my sculpting skills so Ariel was a little squat, lol.

Fun coral, kelp, and bubbles along the side.

I LOVE making these! It's a cake shaped like a cupcake! This one was super small-only about 4" at it's widest point!

Laura made an amazing pillow for it to sit upon!

I'm really hoping to keep on top of these postings!

Stay tuned for a Valentine's post coming up!

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